Fun Dog Show 27 April 2013

Raising money for Albery Dog Rescue       A.R.A.S. and        E.A.S.B.T.R

There will be a collection point for unwanted bedding, duvets, leads, food, dogcoats, toys etc to be donated to the rescues.

To be held at Bedfordshire Growers, Potton Road, Near Biggleswade SG18 0ER

Entries from 10.00 a.m.     
Pedigree Judging (Ring 1) from 10.30 a.m.        Novelty Judging (Ring 2) from 11.30 a.m.

Pedigree Classes   £1 entry    Judge
Maggie Smith (Ferrarian Weimaraners)
Dogs do not have to be KC registered to enter.  
Classes not open to dogs that have won a CC RCC or JW
To check which group to enter follow the link in the panel to the right
   1.  AV Puppy (6-12 months)                         

   2.  AV Junior  (12-18 months)
   3.  AV Gundog

   4.  AV Pastoral/Working
   5.  AV Hound/Terrier
   6.  AV Toy/Utility
   7.  AV Veteran (7 years and over)
   8.  AV Open 

Best in Show and Reserve Best in Show

Fun Classes              £1 entry   Judge
Wendy Lowe (Ousebank whippets)
   9.  Cutest Puppy (up to 12 months old)
Best Veteran (7 years and over)
  11.  Prettiest Bitch
Handsome Dog 
  13.  Best Crossbreed
  14.  Child Handler (6 - 11 years old)
  15.  Child Handler (12 - 16 years old)

  16.  Adult Handler                                
  17.  Fancy Dress
  18.  Waggiest Tail
  19.  Best Condition
  20.  Best Rescue
  21.  Best Trick

  22.  Best Brace  
  23.  Irish brace
  24.  Most Appealing Eyes
  25. The Dog The Judge Would Like To Take Home

Best in Show and Reserve Best in Show

All Day Events:

Obedience Classes

Starters   -  Heelwork on lead - recall off lead - control through a gate - 30 seconds sit stay - 60 seconds down stay
Advanced - Heelwork off lead - recall to heel - stop on recall - 1 minute sit stay - 2 minute down stay

Fun Competitions

Obstacle Course 
Fastest Recall
Doggy Dash
Fastest Sausage Eater 
Find the Bone
Best Doggy Photo 

Competitions will close at 3.30 p.m. to enable rosettes to be presented in the ring. The courses will remain open 'just for fun'

Attractions and Facilities
  Tombola  *  Raffle  *  Refreshments  *  Stalls  *  Parking  *  Toilets